'Our Services Include - Private parties, weddings, corporate functions, cocktail parties, festivals, fundraising gala events and banquets.'

We are an offsite catering specialist, that can set up a full kitchen and cater in almost any location and area regardless of terrain and power

This grazing table is designed to be a pre-or post-dinner option and is served on a large wooden table with the following

  • Vintage Cheddar, Double Brie, Blue Cheese, Goats Cheese
  • Pretzels and a selection of crisp lavosh and crackers
  • Mixed nuts of macadamia, peanut, cashew and more
  • Seasonal fruit of plums, peaches, dragon fruit, grapes, figs and more
  • Antipasto marinated Vegetables
  • A selection of cured and fresh meats from roast beef, chorizo, salami, pork kulin, cacciatore sausage and more
  • Fresh baked French and Mediterranean breads

To serve up to 40 guests $500

To serve up to 60 guests $700

To serve up to 80 guests $900

Our Grazing Tables are beautifully dressed to your theme and presented with an artistic culinary design to indulge your palate.

Seafood Indulgence

An arrangement of fresh Prawns, bugs, crabs, oysters, whole baked and cucumber dressed Tasmanian Salmon all complimented with condiments, garden salad, Mediterranean chickpea and sundried tomato salad and baked bread rolls with butter

$75 per head (bamboo serving bowls/plates and utensils)

Meat Lovers

Assortment of Baked ham, roast beef, pepperoni, marinated chicken, turkey breast and prosciutto all served with condiments, garden salad, Greek salad with fetta and fresh baked European style bread rolls with butter

$45 per head (bamboo serving bowls/plates and utensils)

This menu is designed to bring the Social Aspect to your wedding and is to be served as a standing fork buffet and is a combination of all our favourite menu options throughout our website and is served to your guests by our waitstaff in bamboo boats, noodle boxes, Asian spoons ect on Wooden Boards.

  • Duck confit salsa in cucumber cups
  • Crispy Pork Belly soft shell tacos
  • BBQ Braised Beef Brisket slider
  • Spicy Buffalo wings with ranch dressing
  • Country Style deep fried chicken with home-style coleslaw
  • Chicken Penang Curry with coconut rice
  • Pakora (Indian Vegetable fritters) served with mint yogurt
  • Ahi Tuna bowl with Quinoa and kale salad combined with an apple, lime and chili salsa topped with sesame and toasted cashews
  • Butter Gnocchi with parmesan and baby spinach
  • Slow braised Pork Belly with Guava sauce and fennel puree
  • Ceviche fish, lime, coriander, red pepper and beget crisp
  • Arancini with vegetable ragu and buffalo mozzarella on Napoli sauce
  • Peppered Eye fillet on roasted kipfler potato with brocolini and red wine jus
  • Braised Lamb shoulder with roast pumpkin and Greek yogurt
  • Poached beetroot salad with goat's cheese, watercress and fig-vin-cotto
  • Grilled chorizo and tiger prawns served on toasted panini with chimmi churri sauce
  • Wonton hugged king prawns with guava chutney
  • Kipfler pomme de terr holding baby beef wellington filled with porcine mushroom, pate and eye fillet, finished with a rosemary and sage jus.
  • Tiger prawn standing in potato and chive rosti wrapped in herb encrusted sirloin with freshly made béarnaise sauce

One Hours Service:

  • 8 selections @ $27.50 pp
  • 10 selections @ $31.50 pp
  • 12 selections @ $35.50 pp
  • 15 selections @ $38.50 pp
  • 8 selections @ $37.00 pp
  • 10 selections @ $39.00 pp
  • 12 selections @ $41.00 pp
  • 8 selections @ $43.00 pp
  • 10 selections @ $45.00 pp
  • 12 selections @ $47.00 pp

Bride & Groom Buffet $55 per head

  • Seared beef fillet in scotch pepper jus
  • Succulent poached chicken breast with tomato chutney
  • Roast pumpkin, baby spinach and mushroom penne in garlic cream sauce
  • Lemon and coriander infused barramundi
  • Assorted seasonal vegetables
  • Rosemary and garlic roasted chat potatoes
  • Assorted cold cut meats
  • Ocean King prawns with chilli plum sauce
  • Garden salad
  • Roast potato, chive and aioli salad
  • Mediterranean Penne salad with balsamic glaze

Accompanying Condiments

Freshly baked French bread and butter

  • Chocolate dipped profiteroles with custard filling
  • White chocolate mud cake
  • Caramel tartlets
  • Mississippi mud cake
  • Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla bean ice cream
  • Lemon meringue pie
  • New York baked cheesecake with raspberry coulis
  • Individual tiramisu
  • Mini Pavlova with blueberry, strawberry and passionfruit sauce
  • Honeycomb and butterscotch cheesecake
  • Wild berry French cream cheesecake
  • Chocolate fudge true
  • Panna cotta with berry coulis

The Buffet Grill $50 per head (optional extra: Eye Fillet $3.00 per person on The Buffet Grill)

  • Aged Whole Sliced Sirloin
  • Farmhouse Pork Sausages
  • BBQ Perch Fillets with lime and pepper
  • Soy and basil Marinated Chicken
  • Oven Roasted Potato with rosemary and Garlic
  • Freshly Baked Bread Rolls and Butter
  • Garden Salad
  • Greek Salad
  • Accompanying Condiments
  • Chocolate dipped proteroles with custard lling
  • White chocolate mud cake
  • Caramel tartlets
  • Mississippi mud cake
  • Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla bean ice cream
  • Lemon meringue pie
  • New York baked cheesecake with raspberry coulis
  • Individual tiramisu
  • Mini Pavlova with blueberry, strawberry and passionfruit sauce
  • Honeycomb and butterscotch cheesecake
  • Wild berry French cream cheesecake
  • Chocolate fudge true
  • Panna cotta with berry coulis

Share Platter Menu

Your choice of 4, 6 or 8 options to be served in the centre of your tables on beautifully displayed wooden platters and to be shared amongst your guests for the perfect social and culinary experience

4 options is $45 per head

6 options is $55 per head

8 options is $65 per head

Included in the above prices and served in the centre of the tables in bowls is,

  • Garden salad of roma tomato, cucumber, red onion and mesculin
  • Fresh baked bread rolls with butter

Please make your choice of 4, 6 or 8 selections below for your guests to share amongst themselves and enjoy

  • Slow braised Pork belly with cayenne spiced guava and fennel
  • Braised beef short ribs with sage butter
  • Ceviche market fish, lime, coriander, red pepper and baget crisp
  • American Cheeseburger spring roll, bbq beef brisket tomato, baby spinach and cheese
  • Prawn and pork wontons with kikkamon soy and pickled ginger
  • Spanish chorizo and tomato bruschetta sourdough
  • Prawn tortellini, freshly made with coconut and kaflir lime leaf broth
  • Arancini with vegetable ragu and buffalo mozzerella
  • Whole Sliced peppered Eye Fillet on oven roasted kiper potato with brocolini, French chevre cheese and almond salad then finished with red wine jus
  • Butterflied Paprika spiced whole Chicken on vine ripened tomato with garlic, tyme, zuccihini, sweet potato, carrot and a tomato and basil sauce
  • Slow Braised Lamb Shoulder on crispy confit royal blue Potato, roast pumpkin with greek yogurt and burnt butter, finished with a cherry jus
  • Roast Pork with freshly made apple calvados sauce on fennel a la greque, dutch carrot and sugar snap peas
  • Poached Beetroot salad trio with goats cheese, watercress and fig vin a cotto
  • Tomato and eschallot braised chicken drummettes served with crispy onion and freshly pulled basil
  • Pan fried Barramundi served on an Asian slaw and finished with a citrus sauce and potato crisp
  • Grilled Chorizo and Tiger Prawns served on toasted panini with chimichurri sauce
  • Pulled Pork Sliders served with red cabbage and apple blaukraut
  • Tempura Barramundi strips served on house made rosemary and roasted garlic aioli served with green leaf salad and lemon wedges

All cutlery and crockery included for this menu along with full kitchen set up if needed and all necessary cooking and serving equipment

(please note that staff and GST are not inclusive in these prices)

Plated Sit Down Menus

Option 1

  • $60.00 pp
  • Pre-dinner Canapes or Antipasto Grazing table
  • One Entree
  • One Main
  • Your Wedding Cake cut and served on platters

Option 2

  • $64.00 pp
  • Pre-dinner Canapes or Antipasto Grazing table
  • One Entree
  • Alternate Drop Main
  • Your Wedding Cake cut and served on platters

Option 3

  • $67.00 pp
  • Pre-dinner Canapes or Antipasto Grazing table
  • Alternate drop Entree
  • Alternate Drop Main
  • Your Wedding Cake cut and served either plated or on platters


  • Fresh Roma tomato with wild basil, Spanish onion and a drizzle of olive oil on bruschetta
  • Roasted Mediterranean vegetables on mesculin with a garlic infused olive oil
  • Candy, Baby Red and Golden Beetroot served with buffalo Mozzarella, Pomegranate Seeds and Basil Oil
  • Poached escallop upon an apple and water crest salad with a splash or Mareeba vine ripened puree
  • Salt and pepper squid with garlic aioli upon a watercress salad
  • Szechwan prawn served on a bed of angel hair pasta
  • Shallow fried tender Calamari served on a leafy green salad with tartar sauce.
  • Harvey Bay Scallops, gratinated with Tarragon & Tomato Butter
  • Tiger Prawns pan-sautéed in white wine and finished with fresh basil, touch of garlic and fresh tomato and served with ciabatta
  • Tasmanian Royal Smoked Salmon served on avocado and vine tomato medley with ocean trout caviar
  • Peking duck accompanied by cucumber and sweet crepe
  • Freshly made duck spring rolls with chilli plum sauce
  • Succulent chicken tender loins with roast pumpkin coulis
  • Beef taquitos on saron rice, salsa and mozzarella
  • Thinly sliced Eye Fillet, served with shaved crunchy radish, Jerusalem artichokes & scorched baby onion
  • Slow braised Beef short Ribs, served with spice rubbed roasted pumpkin & dressed with sage butter sauce
  • Veal Roulade of savoury Pork and eschallot served on pea puree and red currant jus
  • Slow roasted, crispy skin Pork Belly, served on candied apple puree and guava sauce

Main Course

  • J.C le roux champagne poached chicken breast upon field mushroom fettuccine and rested on green asparagus
  • Crispy duck leg on thyme roasted kipfler potato and charred fig, finished with a French Courvoiser cognac jus and accompanied by dutch carrot and broccolini
  • Wok tossed chicken and prawn stir fry with bok choy, snow peas, capsicum, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts coated with a soy glaze on hokkien noodles
  • Succulent bone roasted chicken breast with a crushed pistachio and cilantro farce sitting upon crushed chat potato with dutch carrot, broccoloini and finished with a Grand Marnier reduction
  • Tender peking marinated duck breast on spring onion potato rosti with wombok and carrot with a drizzling of port cherry glaze and onion marmalade
  • Mirepoix, red wine and cherry braised lamb shank served on crushed Pontiac potato and broccolini garnished with a mint infused Lamb jus
  • Chef's signature char grilled lamb rump and hummingbird red wine jus, resting on kipfler and kumara rosti stack with fresh broccolini and dutch carrot
  • French trimmed garlic and rosemary roasted lamb rack with a herbed crust on fresh asparagus and potato puree complimented with a lemon liquor and berry reduction
  • Tender pork on the bone with truffled mash and triple poached pear accompanied by béarnaise sauce
  • Honey glazed pork medallions on kumara purée and asparagus spears
  • Pan-fried Pork Fillet served with orange segments and roasted fennel and finished with Calvados apple sauce
  • Herb-crusted Veal Scaloppini, served on a potato rosti, with Florentine spinach and sautéed mushroom
  • Eye Fillet Steak - Chargrilled grass fed Gippsland eye fillet, served with mushroom trio and sweet potato scallops, dressed with red wine jus
  • Black Angus Rib Eye on the bone (additional $3 per head)
  • 350g. grass fed Black Angus Rib Eye, chargrilled served with crispy Mediterranean potato salad & broccolini, dressed with red wine jus
  • Cognac Szechuan beef stir fry
  • Served in asian vegetables, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, roasted cashews and hokkien noodles
  • Crispy Skin Salmon Salmon fillet grilled to medium, served on leek, fennel & artichoke ragu with a citrus beurre blanc sauce
  • Medley of grilled Scampi, King Prawns, Mussels & Scallops, dressed with zesty Gremolata, served with crispy baguette and chive infused creamy mashed potato
  • Grilled fillet of Barramundi topped with crushed macadamia nuts and shredded coconut, served on a prawn & coriander risotto, with a coconut curry broth moat
  • Seared Tasmanian Salmon with a Macadamia and Palm Sugar Chilli Crust on Cilantro scented jasmine rice with a Thai curry jus
  • King Prawn Trilogy a trio of chefs special Malibu prawns, Curry prawns and Blueberry prawns served on banana leaf with coconut rice
  • Grilled Snapper Fillet complimented with a prawn and safron risotto and green asparagus spears
  • Szechuan Tiger prawns on fennel infused freshly made angel hair pasta and sliced baby red chilli
  • Lemon pepper scented steamed Barramundi on baby spinach and potato hash with a lemon beurre blanc
  • Roasted pumpkin cannelloni with Napoli sauce
  • Mediterranean vegetable stack with garlic infused olive oil
  • Eggplant steaks topped with rich tomato sauce and grilled ricotta
  • Baby spinach, pine nut and ricotta ravioli in tomato jam and crème fraiche

On a Budget Buffet Menu options


    Hot Selections

  • Roast Beef with Pepper Sauce
  • Grilled Chicken breast in a smokey bbq marinate
  • Rosemary and garlic roasted Potato
  • Steamed Seasonal Vegetables

  • Cold selections

  • Garden salad
  • Roast potato, bacon and shallot salad
  • Freshly baked Bread and butter
  • Assorted condiments

Your Wedding cake served on platters


  • Butternut pumpkin and basil soup
  • Salt and pepper squid with garlic aoli

  • Main

  • Roast Beef fillet on potato mash, broccolini and carrot served with mushroom sauce
  • Oven Roasted chicken breast on sweet potato mash served with broccolini, carrot and champagne garlic cream sauce

  • Dessert

  • Your Wedding cake served on platters

    8 selections for 1 hour service - $18 per head

    10 selections for 1.5 hour service - $20 per head

    12 selections for 2 hour service - $22 per head

    Cold Selection

  • Roma tomato & basil bruschetta
  • Peking duck in crepe cone with hoi sin sauce
  • Beef en croute with caramelised onion
  • Spicy lamb in rice paper
  • Assorted fresh sushi
  • Coriander chicken breast in rice paper
  • Beef & basil on vermicelli
  • Duck & ginger Tartlets
  • Turkey & cranberry tartlet
  • Oysters - natural, Kilpatrick, morney
  • Vine ripened tomato, basil & chicken provencal tartlets
  • Roasted eggplant & sun-dried tomato bruschetta
  • BBQ duck crepe
  • Champagne chicken in profiter
  • Poached tiger prawn with basil & flat leaf parsley aioli on melba toast
  • Peking duck in crepe cone with hoision sauce
  • Layered smoked Atlantic salmon nori

  • Hot Selection

  • Freshly made cumin, coriander & minced chicken samousas
  • Tender beef Marsala on bamboo
  • Cilantro & Ginger squid curls with honey & coriander sauce
  • Chicken & mushroom vol-au-vonts
  • Gruyere & chicken breast in filo
  • Mozzarella & prosciutto pizzette
  • Chilli beef pasties
  • Prawn & pork wontons
  • Traditional Malaysian chicken satay
  • Snake bean & lime leaf fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce
  • Freshly made cumin, coriander & minced chicken samosas
  • Vegetarian spring roll with sweet chilli sauce
  • Spring wrapped king prawn with plum sauce
  • Mini fillet mingnon with scotch influenced pepper sauce
  • Steamed muscles with black bean sauce
  • Mongolian lamb in witlof leaf with five spice sauce
  • Steamed pork & Chinese garlic wheat dumplings
  • Butternut pumpkin ravioli freshly made with Napoli sauce & lightly covered in panko
  • Coconut prawns with mango salsa
  • Tiger prawn wrapped in tender sirloin on potato & chive rosti with bearnaise sauce

Fully Uniformed Wait staff $27.50 /hr

Fully Uniformed Executive Chef $55 /hr

Fully Uniformed Bar Staff $27.50 /hr

(Minimum 5 hour shift) Sunday surcharge penalty of 10% Public holidays time and a half

Please enquire about our range of bar packages